Emmanuel Ternois


In 1991 Emmanuel started his career as a DJ in the North-East of France in Rennes city, one of the famous music places in France. At that period, Emmanuel Ternois mixed during rave parties and then began an established DJ at L’Espace club in which he had a residency. He had mixing with some of the best Djs such as Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Djulz, Arnaud Le Texier… and was produced on House Trade Label records. After few years spending in Rennes, he performed in Paris at some very famous clubs such as Queen and Wagg.

After a break, Emmanuel Ternois is coming back on the techno/house/deep scene alone or with his accomplice Arnaud Le Texier, famous DJ/Composer from London.

In parallel, Emmanuel Ternois launched a music label “Children of Tomorrow” (COT) which is an audacious label focused on emotions, sensuality and dance-floor grooves. Mixing quality and innovation, Mathias Kaden, Djulz, DoP or Terrence Dixon came out on COT.

Emmanuel Ternois produces for various labels such as Children of Tomorrow, 20/20 vision, Safari Electronic, Kailash or LoveCycle.

Inspired by jazz, funk and disco music as well as the work of artists such as Cannonball Adderley, alice Coltrane, Freddy Hubbard, Patrick Adams, Player’s Association, Stones Throw Crew, The Pharcyde, A Tribe called quest, Prescription Balance Crew, Kenny Dixon jr, Derrick May…etc., Emmanuel started to mix house/techno music. Fostering his performances, he has been exploring how to encompass various influences for composing an original and innovative music.


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