Birth Of Frequency


Birth Of Frequency – started to get interested in Electronic music, more specifically in Techno music,relatively lately, in 2003. He immediately felt attracted by the spirit, the vision and the ideas broadcasted by Techno music, especially that of Detroit, with the UR entity. He kept on enjoying this concept of “relaying a message” troughmusic, whether “electronic” or not. He has been fascinated by the repetitiveness of rhythmic and melodies. He likes the comparison between that repetitiveness and the life that we live. In his opinion, life is like a perpetual renewal to which we can add our ideas and our vision, in order to move forward. It is impossible for him to dissociate music from his life. The two of them are interactively connected. His daily life influences him as much as the music he is listening to. His sources of inspiration may come from both happy and sad experiences. He always has them in mind before starting new productions.

What is looking for today is a peculiar and personal sound texture. He wants it to be as close as possible to his mindset,to the way he wants to transmit things. Birth Of Frequency is never stuck on a specific musical type, but always strives to stay coherent. His goal is to produce different styles (House, Tub, Deep Techno, and so on) because he loves electronic music as a whole. Every single style has its own specificities and permits to express things in many different ways.

In 2012, Birth Of Frequency released his first EP, called Another World Speaks To Us, on the Vinyl Kill Mp3 label, including a remix of Zadig. After that, he got in touch with the Construct Re-Form label, for which he signed for the 4th release of the label – Remind EP with a remix of Antigone – and with the label Nowhere, “Techno” division of Syncrophone, for which he signed for the first release, called 1937 Memories. He has always been paying much attention to the criticisms made by the representatives of Construct Re-Form and Syncrophone. He asks for their opinion on almost everything he does.

New projects should come soon. Birth Of Frequency is working on an EP for Construct Re-Form that is likely to be completely different from the first one. Moreover, he would like to release another EP for Nowhere. Last but not least, he has plans for other labels on which he prefers to stay discrete for the moment.


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