Samuli Kemppi – Binary System EP (COT 009)

Samuli Kemppi – Binary System EP


Side A1 – Resonant Object
Side A2 – Almost Certain
Side B1 – Absolute Value
Side B2 – Libration (Vinyl Only)



Finlands Samuli Kemppi made a 4 tracks EP that clearly show the continuing outbound quality from Children Of Tomorrow. Between Detroit and analog raw techno with his modern touch, Samuli Kemppi proved again his knowledge of making quality Techno. And a bonus track vinyl only not to be missed. Supported by Chris Liebing, Dj Deep, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Jeroen Search, Myk Derill, Arnaud Le Texier, Gareth Wild, Sev Dah, Zadig, Max_M,  Antonio De Angelis, Invite, Mental Resonance, Krenzlin, Philippe Petit, Simone Gatto, Luciano Esse, etc…’s Review :

Review: Coming up through the French techno ranks along with Demet3d, Construct Re-Form and a developing ARS Mechanica is the Children Of Tomorrow label. Samuli Kemppi is the second non-Frenchman to release a solo 12″ for them after it was launched by Terence Dixon back in 2008. It’s taken a few years to take off, but 2013 proved to be a watershed year for the French operation and that hot streak of form looks to be rolling over into 2014. For those who enjoyed Kemppi’s Parallax Of One Second EP for M_Rec last year, there’s every chance you’ll like this just as much. It’s tough and obscure analogue techno, but not too analogue and too obscure like some L.I.E.S., Hieroglyphic Being and Chevel releases can sound, but more of a produced-analogue obscurity that’s designed to be clean enough and gritty enough to give lo-fi audiophiles what they want with that extra punch.


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